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"So when you have joy, you have to be joy-giving."

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What is the Joy Giving Association?

In 1970, H.H. Shri Mataji founded Sahaja Yoga Meditation. Since then, Her meditation has been enjoyed by millions and is now practiced in over 100 countries, free of charge.

“So you have to first understand that life is for giving joy to others because you are now saints and your light has to give Joy.”
H.H. Shri Mataji

During Shri Mataji’s 1991 Diwali celebration lecture, She referred to Sahaja Yoga as a joy-giving society or a “Joy Giving Association“!

Shri Mataji emphasised the essence of love is to give joy to others. We naturally develop this giving quality when we practice Sahaja Yoga meditation.

Here is Shri Mataji’s lecture from the Diwali (Festival of Light) celebrations in Cabella Italy, 1991.

H.H. Shri Mataji Diwali Puja Cabella 1991 (founder of Sahaja Yoga Meditation).

Transcript from above video

“So, we are here to give joy, happiness to everyone, to make everyone happy. There are so many ways of making others happy. And for that, we have to learn also. So many things we have to learn, how to make others happy. And then when you make them happy, then you feel that joy within yourself. “Oh, they’re so happy.” See their happiness, then only this lotus opens out much more. Like a ripple moves and moves to the end of the shores and then from the shore it returns back. In the same way, when your joy reaches the joy of others, then the ripples that come up make a beautiful pattern of your eye.

Just think of such situations where you did something good to others, being very nice to others and then you found the joy in that person and how that joy came back to you. Think of that pattern that you felt so subtlety in your life, how it is built in. Whenever you think of that time or that moment or that area, whole picture comes to you and you think, “What a time.” But that time is eternally within you, all the time and that’s why is Diwali is so important.

You are all, as I said, you are My light. And the light is there which is an eternal light. These lights will be finished. We’ll have to light them every year. Not you people. You have eternal light and this light is going to spread Joy. What’s the problem of this world? The whole problem, you take it. There’s no joy. Simple as that – there’s no joy. If they had joy, they would not have done all these nonsensical things. There’s no joy. When you have joy, you don’t want to fight, you don’t want to do anything that is harmful. You don’t want to say anything after anyone, not only that but you do not want to have something that will spoil this Mother Earth or which will bring ecological problem. No, you just don’t want it, don’t want to do anything because it harms harms others. People feel unhappy about it whether it is here, India, anywhere. You just feel that “Why should I do such a thing which is not so congenial to others?” I mean, it’s not joy-giving.

Joy Giving Association.

So when you have joy, you have to be joy-giving and if you are not joy-giving that means there’s something lacking in your Sahaja Yoga and that’s why we have to come up now. We have to become Sahaja Yoginis, Sahaja Yogis. That is joy-giving society. We can change our name, if you like. If Sahaja Yoga is not good – Joy Giving Association.

Now also we should find out what kills the joy. That’s important. What kills the joy? First I said you must have wisdom. Wisdom means that it gives you detachment, detachment from all that is selfishness, self-centredness, self-obsession, ego – all connected with self. Can you imagine?
Selfishness, the Self, means the Spirit. Selfishness is what? Is the one that completely darkens the Self because you think of yourself, your children, your family, that’s all, at the most, even that sometimes – sometimes it’s only yourself.

And when you start thinking like that I mean you start becoming smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller, the lotus collapses. But to think about others is so great. In My case is different. If I think about Myself really, I tell you, I feel very happy, nice, joyous, I must tell you, I must confess. [laughs]
But some people I think of, immediately My chakra start catching and I feel, “Oh, God, why did I think of such a person?” I mean, that chakra start moving fast for that person. But this body is so generous that you can’t imagine even if I see somebody, suddenly the chakras start working for that as if I’m responsible for everybody’s chakras which are gone off – which I am in a way, but to such an extent. But still I think about people who are in trouble, about every one of you. Why? Why do I think? Because I know that if I can improve your chakras, you’ll be happy. I don’t have to logically go to that point, but just My body knows it. It works. It works and feels very happy. When I see somebody getting their Realisation it’s such a great joy to Me. When I see somebody being relieved of the problem, such a joy to Me because joy-giving is the character, nature of Spirit.

If you do not allow your Spirit to fulfil its own nature and its own character, Spirit is not going to manifest itself. So you are the vehicle. You are the lamp, you can say, as far as body, mind is concerned. But this light of Spirit, if it has to manifest, then it has to be of a very unique type that it emits all its light outside. It gives light to others. And this light-giving quality, you have to improve. Gradually you’ll be surprised, only if you try in your life, in your relationships, in your endeavours, to give light to others, to make their lives better, not to show off, not to be egotistical, but in a very loving, beautiful manner, you’ll really understand that you are the Spirit because Spirit loves. It loves. And in love you are forgiving, very forgiving. Sometimes, you know, leaders get angry with Me that I’m rather forgiving. What can I do? That’s My nature. I can’t help it. Because I love, you know. If you love a person, you do forgive. You don’t feel bad. Not to forgive is difficult, but to forgive is the best. At least, when you forgive there’s no headache for you.

So this Love, which is Joy actually, I think, when this love melts and flows like a river and gives nourishment to all the surrounding trees on the shores, that is the time, is the completion of the individuality or a personality of that love and that’s the time, it feels fulfilled. It’s not just that you have a light in the corner, but it has to flow. It has to move. It has to nourish. Love is not something dead, like a stone. When it melts, it encompasses everything and everything becomes very beautiful with that.

So you have to first understand that life is for giving joy to others because you are now saints and your light has to give Joy. Little bit you have to bear as you have powers to bear. You have all the powers and so I wish you good luck for the next year and great prosperity.

May God bless you.”

Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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